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Agia Paraskevi Hotel is located among the lush stretches of Perdika, on one of the most beautiful spots of the Thesprotian coastline.
It is only 2km from Sivota, 9km from Perdika, 20km from Parga and 25km from Igoumenitsa Port.
The area is full of fantastic beaches that you can visit.
You can also visit Sivota, Perdika and picturesque Parga as they are close, while a bit further away are other attractions such as Hades Springs on the Acheron River.
You can also visit Paxos with one-day cruises starting from Sivota.

Agia Paraskevi Beach!

Agia Paraskevi Beach

The beach of Agia Paraskevi is located about 200m from our hotel and is probably the most beautiful beach of Thesprotia , since its turquoise waters combined with the islet at the center of the beach, as well as the chapel of Agia Paraskevi , create a dreamy and characteristic Greek landscape.
The beach has fine sand and is well organized.
You can rent sun beds and umbrellas as well as water bikes and canoes if you like.
Nearby beaches are Kamini and Agali.
The beach has a lifeguard.



Sivota is 2 km from our hotel and is one of the main seaside resorts of Epirus which attracts many tourists from Greece and abroad during the summer.
The settlement is built in a small bay with various islets scattered, the main of which is Agios Nikolaos and Black Mountain.
The main beaches of the area are Mikri and Megali Ammos, Bella Vraka, Zavia, Megalo Stafos and Zeri.
Another beautiful beach of Sivota is the swimming pool. (The name came from its waters because it is like those to the pool).
To get there you need a boat which you can rent at the port of Sivota.
Another way is to go on a daily cruise to the beaches and various other places in Sivota.
Of course there are many other small beaches that can also go by boat.
Sivota is an area full of activities: Diving, Sailing, Water Sports, Excursions to Paxos
Start at Sivota and continue your escape to the cluster of islands, try a dive to admire the magnificent seabed.
In the afternoon you can sail to Paxos, a pleasant route you might have at an unusual company, the Ionian Sea dolphins.

Bella Vraka Beach!

Bella Vraka Beach!

Bella Vraka Beach is an exotic beach that connects Sivota with the island of Mourtemeno.
To visit it one has to literally pass through the sea, through a narrow strip of sand.
It is a small, picturesque, sandy beach that attracts many tourists from the neighboring hotels.
The beach also offers the opportunity to practice various water sports.
It is possible to visit it by car which you can leave in a parking lot above the beach and get to the beach by a suitable landscaped path. Once you see it you will be mesmerized by the beautiful scenery. Next to it there are other organized beaches where you can go on foot or by boat.



Perdika is the largest traditional village of Thesprotia, with enchanting history and rare natural landscape of hills, streams, plains, forests, rivers and beautiful beaches.
It is 10 km from our hotel.
Its coastline is home to the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, embracing the waves within its bays for several kilometers.
The olive groves, the plain, the river that flows from high to pour into Karavostasi and the Pelasgian walls in Dimokastro, contribute to this painting of Thesprotia's beaches.
In Perdika there is a pharmacy, gas station, car repair shop, Greek and foreign outlets, bakeries, supermarkets, taverns, restaurants, pastry shops, cafes and bars for nightlife, as well as peace, tranquility and relaxation between green and blue.

Mega Drafi Beach!

Mega Drafi Beach!!

Mega Drafi beach is located right after Agia Paraskevi on your way to Sivota 1km from our hotel.
beach It is a small quiet beach with sand and white pebbles and cleargreen water, offering a landscape of peace and tranquility.
It is an organized beach.

Karavostasi Beach!

Karavostasi Beach

Karavostasi is the largest beach in the area and is 10 km from our hotel.
You can find it on the way to Perdika and turning to beaches.
The beach has fine sand and colored pebbles, and the waters are crystal clear and deep. There are coffee shops and taverns for all hours of the day and all tastes.
Karavostasi is an organized beach and you can choose to use your own umbrellas and sun loungers, or rent. Nearby beaches are Arillas , Stavrolimenas and Prapamali .
The beach has a lifeguard.

Arillas Beach!

Arillas Beach

Arillas Beach is 10 km from our hotel You can find it if on the road to Perdika you take the turn to the beaches that also leads to Karavostasi and Stavrolimenas .
The beach has fine sticky sand while the waters are crystal clear and shallow for several meters from the shore, making the beach ideal for children but also for those who do not have much comfort in swimming.
The beach is organized and you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers and enjoy your coffee, soft drinks or a drink by the sea.
You can also rent water bicycles and small boats to explore the area and visit other beaches.
Along the beach there are showers where you can be washed by sand and salt..
There are two taverns in Arillas, and a small port on the left side of the beach.
Nearby beaches are Stavrolimenas and Karavostasi .
The beach has no lifeguard.



Parga is a seaside town located 20 km from our hotel in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Preveza.
Today Parga is the busiest tourist resort in the area.
Nearby are the beaches Kryoneri, Piso Kryoneri (within the settlement of Parga), Valtos and Sarakiniko to the west, Lichnos and Ai Giannakis to the east. .
Just opposite the city there is the picturesque island of Panagia in which a church is built as well as medieval Venetian and French buildings.
It is the most popular tourist destination of Epirus.
It is built on the outskirts of the Venetian castle and is clearly influenced by Ionian architecture.
During the summer months, Parga is connected daily by ferry connection with Paxos and Antipaxos. It is also connected to Ammoudia, Corfu and Lefkada.

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